What do you know about Bangkok? Well it is the capital of Thailand or as the country used to be called previously Siam. It is famous for attractions that range from the modern and classy to ones deeply rooted in their heritage. They are also popular because of the beautiful beaches that invite thousands of tourists every month to walk on the glimmering, white sand and marvel at the gorgeous shades of blue in the sea. You would have probably heard about all of the things mentioned above. Some of them may have been the reason why you searched on Google for ‘Bangkok’ in the first place. However there is one thing you would have not heard about or been that aware of; the presence of marvelous places called hostels. Many people are not aware of the presence of such places therefore if you have not heard about it do not feel down.

So let’s start with the biggest question many of you would be having, what are hostels?
Well hostels are a type of accommodation. They are generally made in the style of a dormitory so rooms would have multiple beds available and a traveler would have to pay for a bed. There many other types of accommodation available however you should give thought to stay in a hostel in Bangkok. The reasons why are simple.

First being that they are cheap.
If you choose to stay in a dorm, you would only have to pay a maximum of 20 USD. If you go to a good hostel, you are looking at a six bedroom dorm with an attached washroom.  So 20 USD for this is great value for money. Instead of shoveling out a sum of 50 USD or more for a room you could stay for less than half that amount in a dorm. Think of all the things you can do with the left over money. You can visit more heritage sites or even go on a road trip around Thailand, or of course do more shopping. The choices are endless.

Another advantage is that by choosing to stay in Siam hostel Bangkok, you have the opportunity to interact with many other travelers and not just the ones in your dorm. Many hostels have a shared common room where you can hang out with other travelers and just speak to them over a cup of coffee or beer. Just talk. Learn about them and their journey in Bangkok. You could learn so much from them. You would be able to find out more about Bangkok from another tourist’s perspective. They could even give you valuable insight as to how you can get bargains or interact with the locals. As you can see from the above, staying at a hostel could be one of the wisest decisions you can make. The whole experience would be one you would not forget and will be thankful for. Therefore do try to stay in one if you can.