In present days Dubai has emerged as one of the most popular tourist as well as business destination of the modern world. Rightfully known as the “city of gold” for all the open gold markets, Dubai is the perfect mix of modern and ethnic culture, the city satiates the palate of all kind of people. It has excellent night life, shopping destinations, amusement parks, Souks, white sandy beaches and dazzling high rises. Dubai also offers unparalleled hospitality and accommodations which makes visitors come back again and again. The natural beauty of the place is also a major cause of attraction for travellers.

Being one of the fastest growing business destinations, Dubai offers excellent accommodations on various levels, depending on your affordability. With the ever growing number of visitors, be it for business or sheer pleasure, huge number of hotels, hotel apartments, villas and inns have been built. Most of the hotels meant for business are situated in the heart of the city. However they are located in such a manner so as to let you experience the beaches, shopping malls and tourist destinations when you are when you are taking a break from all the work. Rooms are available for small meetings with a few people or banquets which accommodate large number of guests. These business hotels also provide modern facilities to ease your work experience.

If you are a shopaholic the best time to visit Dubai would be the months of January and February when the duty free shopping festivals. Be it jewellery, clothing, furniture, carpets or technical stuff, everything is available at a discounted price. Due to the reduced price, shoppers from all over the place flock boutique hotel in Pattaya during these two months. If you want a memorable shopping experience, it is better to book a hotel in advance. Various hotel deals are available for the tourists, which will provide you with a “home away from home” experience.

The hotel accommodation in Dubai ranges from studio apartments to five star luxurious rooms. Depending on your taste, need and budget you can choose among five star rooms, fully furnished apartments, villas, inns and studio apartments. The hotels provide visitors with various amenities such as 24 hours room service, warm and welcoming staff, awesome food and enjoyable view. The hotels are also facilitated with Jacuzzi, sauna bath, fitness centers, interactive TV, high speed internets and telephones. If needed. The hotels also provide people with taxi and other car services. If you are planning a stay at one of the high class hotels you will also be able to enjoy the facilities of spa, multi cuisine restaurants, nightclubs, discos and many more in the hotel premises itself. Certain hotels also provide in-premise shopping facilities for gift and souvenirs. The hotels and apartments can be rented on a daily, monthly, yearly or monthly basis depending on your requirements. If you choose to rent an apartment you do not need to sign any agreement and can leave the place as and when you please. However certain rules and regulations are to be followed during your visit and stay in Dubai. Apart from these, Dubai offers unique hospitality and accommodations to visitors of all genres.